Nike. Air Max 720

6n5. Holo-Scandinavian

Samsung. Perfect Reality

Rimowa. Trunk Collection

6n5. The Almost perfect collection.

6n5. Social Workout

Atelier Aveus. The Wait

Studio Proba. Luster

Nur Casadevall. How to be a Mermaid

Samsung. QLED 8K

Hunter Boots. Disney

6N5. Aesthetifacts

Collaborative. Co-Existe

James Street. Interior

McCann. Milan

Heimtextil. Future is Urban

Massimo Dutti. The Gift Hotel

6N5. La Forma

Rimowa. Travel Scenes

6&5. LOTS (Living On The Sand)

MAM. I AM Project

Fedrigoni. Essentials

Samsung. Realist Magic

Paribas. BNP

Inspiration Room. Atelier

Pax Vapor. Unseen

Patricia Urquiola. Laufen

36days. N x 36days

6&5. Out of the Blue

Designaré. Structural Support

Highpoint. Architects of Beauty

Carrefour. Cookies and Cheese

Renault. Essence

Six N. Five. Morbo

Nike. Kiss My Airs

Pick up points. Ikea

Six N. Five. Hugo in Garden

Perfumes. 27 87

Estani Bachrach. Emotional Intelligence

Offf. Archetype

Six N. Five. This is more important

Product. The Backyard

Casa A. Not the quantity, but the quantity

Uniqlo. Heat Tech

Catalogue. Soma

6&5. Casino

Offf. Time and weight

Miranda. Postmodern Pop

6n5. Family

Uniform Wares. Dusted

6&5. Fluffer

Brando. Smartphones Cover

6n5. Rome Fitness

Sony. First Mobile

Bloomberg. Spend

6&5. Autobiography

Plume. Wifi

6n5. Every Place is made of small parts

Stampsy. Lost story

6n5. Complex

Verizon. Better matters

Designare Mag. Divine Design

Catalogue. Teens

Sudtipos. Abelina

Six N. Five. My Neighborhood

Thorntons. Continental

6n5. Fancy Numbers

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