• Year: 2022
  • Type: Exhibition
  • Date: December 19th to January 22th
  • Location: 161, 167 Oxford St, London.
Cycles - Six N.Five
Cycles - Six N.Five
Cycles - Six N.Five
Cycles - Six N.Five
Cycles - Six N.Five
Cycles - Six N.Five

Cycles is a digital piece that approaches the passage of time from a poetic perspective. The scenic architecture plays with depth perception and the extension of the physical world to an untouchable infinite reality, while setting the stage for multiple situations that happen simultaneously. Natural lights emphasize a timeline that tints a static environment as the character elements evolve and interact with the space in a performance that becomes inherently chaotic over time.

Inspired by theatrical scenography and architecture, two disciplines that I have repeatedly been exploring in the last few years is where this exhibition was born. My main idea was to use LED screens as an extension of the physical world into an imaginary world. Using them as windows allows us to see toward the other side. For this, I started by recreating the whole space digitally to capture points of view and perspectives and generate a more defined immersion. The next step was to create the space.

Cycles talk about the passage of time from a poetic perspective. Each area has their own situations and actors. Some of them have already accompanied me during these last years, such as the sun, the moon, and some other planets of my creation. Accustomed to seeing them on the horizon, I like to bring them to our scale. Their presence always tells us something about time, and they are the best to talk about cycles. Particular behaviors invade each area and each character. Everything seems to be the same and repetitive, as in our routines, but each cycle is different. The passage of time intensifies each situation, creating a piece that also works in phases, like our life itself.

It was my first time involved in a project of such a technical dimension, 63 linear meters inside and another 40 on the outside. So the rendering process for so many screens has been extraordinary, taking about two months of work. But the result has been just as I had imagined and very proud to have done something 100% made to measure. I hope you can enjoy it!

Thanks to my talented team

Creative Direction: Ezequiel Pini
Film Direction: Sebastian Baptista
Art Direction: Jesus Mascaraque, Ezequiel Pini
3D Design: Andy Lipe, Thiago Tallmann, Jesús Mascaraque, Ezequiel Pini, Nil Estany, Julia Ippolito
Animation: Sebastian Baptista
Simulation: Nil Estany
Post Production: Thiago Tallmann
Sound Design: Aimar Molero
Words: Artur de Menezes


Carrer Pere IV 205, Local
08018 Barcelona



Selected projects with

Burberry, Cartier, Meta, Givenchy, Hunter, Ikea, Massimo Dutti, Microsoft, Nike, Rimowa, Apple, Samsung, Space 10, Spotify, LG, Daniel Arsham, Bofill Arquitectura

Six N.Five

Lad 2016, Lima (PE)
Udem 2016, Monterrey (MEX)
Offf 2016, Barcelona (ES)
Congreso 4GN 2016, Bogotá (COL)
Showcase ITCH 2017, Guatemala (GUA)
Brief Festival 2017, Madrid (ES)
Offf TLV 2018, Tel Aviv (ISR)
Mesura Talks 2019, Barcelona (ES)
My Barrio Stories 2019, Barcelona (ES)
Offf x Blancfest 2019, Barcelona (ES)
VW T-Cross Creativity Fest 2019, Madrid (ES)
Domestikart 2019, Barcelona (ES)
Medellin Design Week 2019, Medellín (COL)
US By Night 2019, Antwerp (BEL)
Chic & Basic Hotel 2019, Barcelona (ES)
CaixaForum Talks March 2021 Palma de Mallorca, (ES)
CxF April 2021 Sevilla, (ES)
CxF Talks May 2021 Barcelona, (ES)
CaixaForum Talks March 2021 Palma de Mallorca, (ES)
Arquitectura y Metaverso 2022, Barcelona (ES)


iGNANT, Nowness, Instagram, Designboom, Sight Unseen, Frame Magazine, Gestalten, Icon Design Italy, Hypebae, Hypebeast, Wallpaper Magazine, Etapes, Highsnobiety, Fubiz, METAL Magazine, Neo2 Magazine, Victionary, Deezen, VisualPleasure Mag, Arquitectura y Diseño, It’s Nice That, Yellowtrace, Stash, Motionographer, Adobe, Trendland, Vice, Vogue Spain, Hi-Fructuose Magazine, Viewpoint, Collater.all, El Pais, La Nacion, Domus Nova, Booooooom, AD Magazine.

Exhibitions and Mentions

2017 – Projection Installation w/Studio Urquiola x Ferragamo Palazzo Mezzanotte, Milan, Italy
2017 – Exploring Spaces of Tomorrow x Space10
London Design Festival, England
2017 – Video projection collab x Nike w/ Unit9
Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
2019 Holo-Scandinavian Chair, Fuorisalone – Meet My Project,  Milan, Italy
2019 AD100 Designer of the year, Architectural Digest Spain.
2021 Plan X Gallery, Lost in Crypto – Milan, Italy
2021 ABV Gallery – Atlanta, US
2021 AD100 Designer of the year – Architectural Digest Germany and Italy.
March 2022 DART, Museo Della Permanente – Milan, Italy
April 2022 Decentral Art Pavilion, Palazzo Giustinian Lolin. Venice, Italy
May 2022 Collectible Design Fair – Brussels, Belgium
June 2022 Art Basel – Basel, Switzerland
2022-2023 The Circle, Moco Museum – AMS, Netherlands & BCN, Spain.
June 2022 The Red Spot, Somewhere Ethereal – Fotograsfika Stockholm
October 2022 06:05am – Once upon a time in Mayfair, Phillips London, UK
December 2022 Cycles – Oxford Street (W1 Curates) London, UK
April 2023 Flow – Sotheby’s Hong Kong, CH
May 2023 Among the Sky – 6n5 x LG Art Lab, Frieze NY, US
April 2023 Artificial Spaces, Museu del Disenny, Barcelona, SP
October 2023 Symphony of Nature, Moco Museum Amsterdam, NL
November 2023-January 2024 Memories of Tomorrow, Shanghai, China

Six N. Five is the artistic name of Ezequiel Pini’s work, an award-winning Argentinian designer and digital artist based in Barcelona

Over the last decade, Pini has pioneered the use of 3D to create imaginary, dreamlike worlds with his signature clean, modern aesthetic, making Six N. Five one of today’s most recognized digital artists. His work incorporates different mediums to explore imaginary spaces, moving stories and physical collectibles.

His extensive experience working with esteemed brands and artists includes several exhibitions in Art Basel, Moco Museum, Fotografiska Stockholm, Museo della Permanente, and the recent creation of Microsoft Windows 11 and Microsoft Surface wallpapers.

His refined imagination, poetic compositions, avant-garde mind, and elegant skills make Six N. Five stand out for its uniqueness and purity of results.

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